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QAF Fic Recs

Good, well written stories that are canon based and depict Brian and Justin with proper characterization are hard to find in this fandom. Most fics I've had the misfortune of reading contain storylines that fall flat and characters that are completely unrecognizable. The following stories, however, are fucking brilliant.

Only Time Series by Xie- This is the epitome of canon-based fic. It is the best of the best, in my opinion. The author captured the characters voices perfectly, and I never once felt that anything was even the least bit OOC. Pretty much everything written by this author is gold.

If You Needed Me by Myrna- The only tumor!fic that doesn't make me want to scream. I generally dislike fics in which Justin is hurt or down a well, but this story manages to do that without turning Justin into a helpless damsel in distress. Because Justin isn't weak. He's a strong little fucker, and it pisses me off when authors portray him as anything less.

From A Safe Distance by bigboobedcanuck- An HIV scare fic that is beyond brilliant.

Omelet by rhiannonhero- Another HIV scare fic, but this one involves Ethan. And I don't mean evil!Ethan. I mean canon Ethan.

Subject to Change by soundczech- A reunion fic that doesn't make me cringe. And actually has Justin resisting Brian instead of worshiping him mindlessly.

Purgatory by justinlovesart- A great take on what might have happened between Brian and Justin had Justin not left the Rage party with Ethan.

Closure by severina2001- Ethan makes a reappearance in Justin's life. And he's not an evil scum-sucking asshole as some authors insist on making him. The two reconnect as friends, and it's a nice change of pace to see that they still care about each other in a non romantic way.

This Time by Suzvoy- This fic focuses on Darren's bashing and the effect it had on Justin and Brian.

Time Only Knows by bigboobedcanuck- An accident happens and a certain someone ends up in a coma.

Fault by Xie- A hot encounter in the backroom of Babylon leads to a minor injury.

This Time by Vamphile- A hurt/comfort fic that takes place after a rape attempt in an alleyway. This is probably the only fic apart from damp of the night I really love that concerns any aspect of assault.

Fairy Dust by rhiannonhero- Brian and Justin attend a fairy retreat. And Justin makes quite a sexy little fairy.

Fly by luceononuro- I love this story because Justin does the driving, and Brian is the one on his knees begging. Equality. Give and take, people.

Brian Kinney Is Sex by bea_nonymous- Brian Kinney knows sex. He's not good with words or feelings, but he rocks at fucking, okay?! This is one of the only fics I can stand that contains a suicide attempt.

Framed by Plumsuede- A brilliant post 5.13 fic that never fails to make me swoon.